Crabbet Arabians of Canada

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Evening Fire Ruby

2009 Bay Mare -SCID Clear through parental testing, LFS Clear

Ruby is by the late stallion Fire Reflection of Whispering Winds Arabians (Recommended Stallions)out of the mare MI Royal Flag. Paternal and maternal siblings to Fire Reflection  are show winners in western pleasure and hunter. His bloodlines include Indian King, General Gold and the Bright Shadow and are not common in North America.

 Her dam MI Royal Flag is  well built with good bone and an excellent temperament. She has produced some Quarab foals and Ruby is her first Purebred and Pure Crabbet foal. Royal is a Silvadoris granddaughter out of a *Al Marah Ibn Oran mare and carries lines to *Silver Vanity, Indian Magic, Irex and *Raffles.

 Ruby has a Dajania dam line.  


Ruby was bred to Amyr Bronze PC of Kari Arabians for a 2015 foal and produced a fancy chestnut filly. "Rarity" is 100% Crabbet, (Blunt-Skowronek, no Dargee). SCID and LFS clear. Inquiries welcome.

Ruby is 14.3h and is broke to ride.

Ruby attended her first Sport Horse show May 2016 at the Milestone Spring show where she earned a 2nd and 3rd in Purebred Mares in Hand classes.



Evening Kadence Rumba

2011 Bay filly  SCID Clear through parental testing

(Kari Lockets Kadence X MI Royal Flag) This very pretty filly arrived late in the season but nonetheless we are pleased to have her.

She is sired by Kari Lockets Kadence of Kari Arabians out of MI Royal Flag.

Rumba has a very quiet temperament and is easy to work with. She has a pretty head and a compact body. She has floating movement inherited from her sire.

Rumba completed two months at the trainers January 2015. For her age, she has shown good balance and moves out under saddle. 


Evening Crabbet Diva

2012 Bay Mare Sired by the *Serafix line stallion Crabbet Royalty out of the imported Australian Crabbet mare *Rothlynne Pure Delight. Diva's sire is maternal sibling to MI Royal Flag (see below). He has the *Serafix sireline with which  is not  common in Straight Crabbet horses and a line to *Touch of Magic.   Diva's dam has produced winning Crabbet Arabian halter and endurance horses in Australia. She was a Magic Myth (to Risheem) daughter out of a Moon Fashion (to Indian Magic) daughter.   Diva has a pretty head, compact body and correct legs. 

 Diva and Bliss (below) were imported from the Unites States as weanlings. 

Diva has a Dajania dam line.

 Future foals from Diva will be available for sale. If you have an interest in purchasing a foal in -utero to a stallion of your choice, please contact us.


Evening Crabbet Bliss

2012 Bay Mare  Sired by the *Serafix line stallion Crabbet Royalty out the imported Australian Crabbet mare *ACABONA Blessing.  Blessing is by *Dandaloo Kadet's full brother Boomori Kahlua. Bliss is a lovely dark bay pretty filly. This big bold filly is curious and adventurous.   She is a dark bay and has a laid back personality.

Bliss has a Dajania damline.

Bliss attended her first Sport Horse show at the Milestone Spring show May 2016 where she earned a 2nd and 3rd in the Purebred Mares in hand classes.


Brazen Angel

2006 Bay Mare  -SCID Clear through parental testing

Angel is by the Imported stallion *Dandaloo Kadet out of the mare Brazen Secret of Kari Arabians. Her sire has produced endurance, dressage and show offspring in Australia and is just starting to make his presense known in North America. His bloodlines include *Electric Silver, *Riffal and the *Silver Vanity son Sindh.

 Her dam is a well built mare with good bone and excellent temperament. She is a *Seffer granddaughter out of a *Silvern Magic daughter and carries lines to *Nizzam, *Al-Marah Ibn Oran and *Count Dorsaz.

 Angel has a Rodania dam line. She is a solid bodied mare with  little white. She is very friendly and sociable.

In 2011, Angel had her first pure Crabbet foal a bay colt sired by DSA Brynn CRB (Gavin X Senoran Rose), Evening Brynns Ace.

In 2016, Angel foaled a bay filly sired by Crabbet Royalty (Royal Victorr X MI Royal Spring). This filly is a 3/4 sibling in blood to Evening Crabbet Bliss.

Angel is 14.3hh and broke to ride.


Dawning Bronze Rarity  -SOLD 2017

2015 Chestnut filly. Sired by Amyr Bronze PC of Kari Arabians out of Evening Fire Ruby (see above). Lovely neck on this showy filly. SCID and LFS Clear. 


See her pedigree here:



MI Royal Flag (1990-2016)

1990 Bay Mare -Tested SCID Clear, LFS Clear

Royal is by the imported stallion Silver Flag AHS out of the American bred MI Royal Spring. Royal is one of the few offspring of her dressage sire. His bloodlines include one line to Oran, one line to Bright Shadow, two to Indian Magic and three to Raktha. 

Her dam carries lines to Oran, Blue Domino, *Silver Vanity and *Raffles. Royal has maternal 100% Crabbet half siblings in Crabbet Royalty (by Royal Victorr) and Desertspringstorm (by Storm Silver).

Royal has a Dajania dam line. She is fine featured, with good bone and excellent temperament.

In 2009 Royal had her first pure Crabbet foal, a bay filly sired by Fire Reflection (*Star Reflection X *Golden Sunfire), Evening Fire Ruby.

In 2011, Royal gave us a bay filly by Kari Lockets Kadence (*Dandaloo Kadet X Magic Locket),  Evening Kadence Rumba


Royal is retired from breeding.

Royal passed away March 3, 2016. I was lucky to have her in her last years. I have two of her daughters and now a granddaughter too.